Barber Shop Booking is part of the Ninja Pixel Ltd. booking network (the 'Network'). At Barber Shop Booking we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors. Here you’ll find information on how we treat data that we collect from visitors to one of the sites in our Network.

We’ll collect certain personal information from you when you use one of our websites, when you get in touch with us about any of our products or services, and during any process to sign up, change or cancel your products and services.The purpose of our privacy policy is to let you know:

If we make any changes to our privacy policy, we’ll post changes on this page.

Customers and Clients

Our Clients are companies that use Barber Shop Booking (and employees of that company), for example, a barber shop. If you make a booking with one of our Clients then you're termed a Customer. Clients can see a certain amount of data on their Customers, such as name, details of previous bookings with them, email address and phone number (if you've supplied it).

Under the GDPR, Clients are data controllers to their Customers and must adhere to the GDPR.

Google Analytics

When someone visits a website in our Network we use a third party service, Google Analytics, to collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site and where they came from (e.g was it a Google search that brought them here, or a link on a someone's blog page?). Most of the Google Analytic data is stored indefinitely, as this means that we can look at meaningful trends over time. However, we will regularly consider if this retention period is necessary to see meaningful trends. If we decide that it's just overkill, then we'll reduce the period accordingly.


We use FullStory help us identify areas where visitors are experiencing issues. For example, it helps us spot bugs in the system or just places where things are confusing for our visitors. For example, FullStory helps us to detect instances where people click things that aren't actually clickable buttons. When we see issues like this, it means that we can improve the design of our products to make them more intuitive, which ultimately makes the user's experience less frustrating. FullStory data is stored for one month, it allows us to:

Monti APM

Server loads, response times and errors are recorded using Monti APM. This data is used to ensure that the platform is operating efficiently and without errors.Errors that occur when you are using the platform are saved to Monti APM so that they can be investigated. The data may include information such as your operating system, your browser and your IP address. This data is held for 7 days.


Emails are sent using Postmark. Postmark collects and retains content and metadata for all emails for 45 days to give their customers the ability to access their full message history during that time.After 45 days, original email content and metadata are removed from Postmark's system. For bounce reports the original email content is also removed after 45 days, but metadata and the content of the actual bounce message are retained for up to 1 year to enable troubleshooting. After this time the bounce message content and some metadata are removed, but Postmark retain certain fields like Recipient, Subject, Sender, Date, and Bounce details indefinitely for compliance purposes. This is essential data for accurate spam and delivery monitoring, and to have a record in circumstances where end users ask about why/how they are getting emails from certain companies.


We use Facebook technologies such as the Facebook Pixel to show you interest-based marketing content from our brands if you have viewed a Barber Shop Booking website. Data collected by the Facebook Pixel may also be anonymised and used in aggregate to help improve the quality and effectiveness of our websites and marketing efforts.You can find out more about Facebook Advertising and manage your Facebook Advertising settings or opt-out of Facebook interest-based advertisingby clicking here.


We use Stripe to process payments. In addition to using your card data, Stripe may also use additional data such as your IP address and email address to perform operations such as Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Anti Money Laundering (“AML”).

If you are on a subscription plan, or have asked Barber Shop Booking to save your card details for future purposes, we will save a Stripe ID; this lets us securely use your payment details again, without the need for us to hold all of your credit card information (Stripe hold it, instead).For your benefit, we will store (on our own servers) the last 4 digits of your card, it's expiry date and the brand of your card. This is purely so that you know which card is associated with your account.

When you save a card with us, we also record your IP address. This is because if you take a subscription plan with Barber Shop Booking, we may need to pay VAT (depending on where you are located) and IP address is one of ways that the EU VAT policy recommends that location is determined.


Cookies are little files that are saved in your web browser. Some of the third party services we use (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook and Stripe) use cookies to enable them to deliver their services. We also use cookies to make sure that you're using the latest version of our websites and also to be useful and save stuff, like your preferences.You can disable the saving of cookies, from within your web browser, but this will mean that certain features may not work as intended and you may run into strange behaviour on our websites.

Marketing emails

If you consent to promotional emails from Barber Shop Booking, we may send you marketing emails, from time to time.

If you are a Customer and consent to promotional emails from Clients of Barber Shop Booking (e.g. a barber shop that you have made an appointment with) they will be able to send emails to you.

In both cases, you can remove your consent by following the link at the bottom of the email, or logging into your account and changes the settings for your account.

Essential emails

Sometimes it is really important that we send you an email. For example, when an appointment has been cancelled. These types of emails are to aid you and you usually won't be able to opt-out of these, purely because we think it would be a disaster (for you) if you did. If you have any concerns about this, or disagree with it, please contact us.

Things we store, and why we store it

The GDPR has defined six lawful bases for processing personnel data. Below are what we record and our basis for doing it.

What Why
Details of past appointments Contract
Stripe Charge ID Contract
IP address Legitimate interests, Legal obligation
Card Details Contract, Legitimate interests, Legal obligation
Invitations Contract
Company information Contract
Email address and your name Contract
Phone number Consent

Third party service that we use, and why.

We use some third party service to process data. Below are who we use and our basis for using them.

Who Why
Google Calendar Consent, Contract
Stripe account info Consent, Contract, Legal obligation
Fullstory Legitimate interests
Google Analytics Legitimate interests
Postmark Contract, Legitimate interests
Facebook pixel Legitimate interests
Monti APM Legitimate interests

Additional data, relating to Clients

Clients of Barber Shop Booking (e.g. barber shops and their staff) will also supply additional information so that we are able to fulfil our contractual obligations.This data includes, addresses of places of work, working hours, details regarding members of staff including which locations they work at, what their working hours and holidays are, what services they offer, their email address, Google Calendar ID and Stripe account ID.

Clients will be able to see information about their customers, such as booking history, name, email and phone number. Clients are controllers of their Customers' data and must adhere to the relevant laws and regulations regarding the handling of this data.

Your legal rights

You have various rights in relation to your personal information. These rights are as follows:

You are able to exercise your rights free of charge, but if you make unfounded, repetitive or excessive requests, we may charge you to carry these out or refuse to act on such requestsWe’ll try to respond to all requests within one month. If your request is complex or if you make lots of requests, we may extend our time to respond — if this is the case, we’ll let you know.

How to contact us.

Please email hello[at]