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Barber Shop Booking is an appointment system built specifically for barbers šŸ’ˆ

Just share your link with clients and they'll be able to make an appointment with you. It works great with Facebook, Instagram, your own website or any social media platform.

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Take bookings via your Facebook page / Instagram / Twitter / etc.
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Stop no-shows
Stop no-shows
By taking payment at the time of booking, you'll virtually eliminate no-shows; and if they don't turn up, you keep the money āœŒļø

If you still want to take cash you can alternatively charge a deposit (or even a booking fee), and take the rest in cash, at your shop!
Pay staff individually
If your barbers rent chairs and keep their takings, you can have their payments routed directly to their bank account. There's no need to calculate everyone's takings and then transfer the money to each person individually (yawn!).

Payments go directly to the barber. Simples.
Easy integration
Add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook page in minutes.

If you have a website, you can easily add a "Book Now" button yourself. If you have a developer who manages your website, simply email your unique Barber Shop Booking link to them and they will be able to add it.
Manage everything from any device
Manage everything from any device
There is no need to buy specialist equipment or even a laptop to use Barber Shop Booking. You can manage your schedule, your employees' appointments and marketing campaigns all from your existing smartphone / tablet / laptop.
Roll your own theme by choosing colours that fit your brand. Find out more here.
Need to pop-out?
Need to pop-out?
If you need to nip out to the bank for an hour, or if you're going on holiday for a month, you can add it to your 'out-of-office / holiday' schedule and we'll make sure that no one books you during those periods.
Sick days? No drama.
Sick days? No drama.
Easily contact clients and give refunds if a member of staff is unable to come into work.
Build an empire
We are the only barber booking platform that can handle multiple shops and let your staff work between them.



Can I charge a booking fee?

Yes. You can add a fixed amount to each booking and your customers will see the booking fee when they confirm their appointment.

What if I have multiple shops?

You can add as many shops as you like and your staff can work between them, too. We're the only platform that lets you do that! šŸ‘Æā€ā™€ļø

What if different barbers want to charge different amounts for a haircut?

That's no problem. Each barber sets their fees independently.

What if different barbers take a different length of time to do a haircut?

No problem-o. Each barber can independently set the time it takes to complete a service.

Do I have to take online payments?

No, you don't have to. Many barbers like to take payment at the time of booking because if the client doesn't show up, then the barber won't lose out. However, it's totally up to you whether you take online payments.

We don't accept credit cards in the barber shop, how can we take online payments?

Online payments are handled by Stripe. You simply need to create an account with them (10 minute job) and then link your Barber Shop Booking account to your Stripe account (very easy - just the click of a button) and you'll be able to accept all major credit and debit cards for your online payments.

Does Barber Shop Booking hold my payments?

Nope. We don't handle any of your money, that is all done by Stripe and their mega-secure systems.

Can I still do walk-ins?

Fo' sure! Use Barber Shop Booking to supplement your current strategy. Taking online appointments will enable you to fill chairs in quiet periods, spread out your busy times and also provide a platform for regular customers to make advanced bookings.

Does it work with mobile devices?

Yes, the responsive design works on all devices šŸ–„ šŸ’» šŸ“±

Are you SCA compliant?

Yes! We process all card payments in line with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) European regulatory requirement.

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Barber Shop Booking has been created specifically for barbers. Not hairdressers, beauty salons or dentists. Barbers. Our mantra is to focus on one thing; and to do it bloody well. The booking system is designed to make it as easy as possible for your clients to make a booking. We know what it's like to run a small business and that's why we've made the set up as easy as possible. Plus, we're just an email away if you ever need help.