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How to add a "Book Now" button to your Facebook page

Matt Michel
Matt Michel
11 April 20184 minute read

One of the primary motivations to creating a Facebook business page is to get more customers for your barber shop. Once someone is on your Facebook page, you might as well convert them into a paying customer, right? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add a "Book Now" button to your page.

This tutorial assumes that you already take online bookings (through any platform). If you don't, you cancreate a free account here.

1. Edit the default button

The button at the top of your page helps people take an action. People see it on your Page and in search results when your Page appears (it's termed a 'Call To Action' in marketing speak). When you first create your business page, Facebook will stick a "Send Message" button on it. Hover over the button and choose the option "Edit button"

Modify your Edit button

2. Choose "Book Now"

Facebook will present a few options to you; choose "Make a booking with you" and then the "Book now" option. Hit next

Pick the book now option

Next, choose 'Link to website'.

Link the Facebook button to the appointment platform

3. Link to your booking platform

Now for the most important bit, pointing the button to your booking page. You need to get the URL of your booking page.

If you're using Barber Shop Booking, open up a new tab and go to your booking page and copy the URL, it will look something like

If you're using a different booking platform, shame on you. These instructions will still work, though!

Now back to your Facebook page: paste that URL and hit save.

Link the book now button to your website

Facebook will now show you a little preview of your new button, just hit the finish button.

Finish configuration

4. Have a beer and watch the cash roll in

That's it, you can now see the "Book Now" button on your Facebook page. To make sure that it's all set up correctly test the button by either:

a: Hovering over the button and clicking the "Test button" option

b: Have a friend visit your Facebook page and click the "Book Now" button

Visitors can now book a haircut with you, directly through Facebook 🤜💥

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