A Wes Anderson inspired custom theme.

How to customise your theme

Matt Michel
Matt Michel
8 June 20203 minute read

Last week I updated Barber Shop Booking with a feature that I'm really proud of - the ability to customise the look and feel of your app.

It's always been possible to change some colours, but my latest update opens a whole world of opportunity for those wanting a booking platform that matches their brand.

Head over to the Settings page (find the link in the left hand navigation menu) and you'll see the Theme options.

If you want a quick-fix, select the 'Google design' scheme. This will present you with a list of curated colours to choose from. All the colours are designed to work with each other, so you can't really go wrong.Google material design theme settings👆 Exploring the Google design theme settings.

Choosing the 'BSB' scheme option will present you with a list of carefully created themes. You can click on each theme to view it in the preview window. If you find one that you like then click 'Use this theme' to apply it to your business.Preset booking platform themes👆 Exploring the Barber Shop Booking presets.

For full control, choose 'Custom' in the scheme drop down list. This will allow you or your designer to enter HEX colours for each styling option. You can change background colour, font colours, buttons and more. Don't forget to click the 'Use this theme' button to save your changes once you've finished.Full customisation of your theme👆 Going fully custom on your theme lets you specify all of the colours.

With custom themes, the world is your oyster. For instance, if you like the dark look, you could replicate the Spotify app 👇A Spotify inspired custom theme

If you're a fan of Wes Anderson films then you could take inspiration from The Grand Budapest Hotel with a theme like this 👇A theme inspired by Wes Anderson