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How to create a custom shift

Matt Michel
Matt Michel
09 May 20183 minute read

If you want to work an extra day, or just change your schedule as a one-off, on a specific date, then you'll want to create a 'custom shift'.

How it works

A custom shift will override your regular hours (and the regular hours of your barber shop). So, let's say that you don't work Sundays and your shop isn't even open on Sundays, but you want to open up on one particular Sunday...

Welp, it's pretty easy to do. From your staff admin screen, navigate to the 'Hours' panel and click the "Edit Barber's Hours" button. At the bottom of the next screen there is a button to "Add custom shift"; hit it and fill in the details of this new shift.

Customers will now be able to book in with you on this day.

Note that you custom shift will always respect any holidays that you have and any holidays that overlap with a custom shift will be respected.

You can only have one custom shift per day. If you want to have a lunch break etc. during a custom shift, then you can just add a holiday/out-of-office period that covers your lunch break, and it'll be respected.

Check out the video below to see how to add a custom shift 👇

You can also use a custom shift to change your hours for a single work day. Let's say that you always work 9am-5pm on Mondays, but want to change that to be 11am-3pm on one particular Monday. Just add a custom shift for the Monday in question and you're sorted.